Renovation Pruning

Pruning can be a puzzle. Different rules for different plants, different timings, different methods. You can’t expect to know it all, and you probably don’t really want to, but shrubs suffer if they are not properly pruned. More importantly, so do you. A hydrangea that was once the pride and joy of the garden now looks like a wood pile with no flowers, it won’t do at all ….

I love renovation pruning, I know the ins and outs and I know the huge improvement it can make. I’d love to sort out your shrubs, small trees and herbaceous borders.

NB: I won’t take the prunings away with me. I don’t believe in garden by-products travelling along a road, for any reason. My ethos is to recycle everything. You have the choice of having them chipped to go onto either your compost heap, or to be used as a mulch on the borders, or alternatively I can build you a ‘dead-hedge’.