Garden Appraisals

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of help to know what is not working in your garden, and why, and how you can improve it. Or you might be playing with ideas of things you’d like to add to your garden but feel at a loss as to how to start. Or maybe you have just become the proud owners of a new home and garden and need to know what’s in it and what to do with it.

This is when a Garden Appraisal can really help.

I will happily walk alongside you in your garden, answering any questions you may have and making suggestions as invited. This can be an informative conversation that is verbal only or, if you would like more substance, you might prefer to consider a more formal written Report that you can keep and refer back to as and when the time is right to proceed with improvements.

I’m an innovator, able to introduce new ideas and can assess your garden as a whole, pointing out any areas that need attention, suggesting ways to improve it. Or I can help you to realise more of what you really want from your garden, whether that is a shady woodland feel, a private haven for contemplation, a working vegetable garden, play areas for the kids or anything else you might be hankering after. Oh, and I’ll keep pressing you to include a compost heap too (no apologies!).

Other Reports
  • Newly acquired gardens
  • Insurance Claims and Damage Reports
  • Statements of Opinion
  • Working Practice Reports