Composting and Soil Improvement


Everyone’s heard of it, but not everyone is doing it, why not? I can show you how to compost, I can find space in your garden for compost, I can manage your compost regularly for you, I can restore your dead compost heap. I know compost. I love compost. It makes sense, it’s free, it’s full of lovely worms! Worms mean fertile soil, we want them, millions of them, in our gardens. That Darwin chap knew a thing or two …

Soil Improvement

Without a nutritious soil, plants will suffer from lack of air, poor drainage, shallow roots, lack of nutrients and trace elements, stunted growth etc. Often the single most important thing you could do for your garden is to improve the soil. You need plenty of worms doing the work for you and they will only live in hospitable environments. I love soil! I’m sure I’ve eaten enough of it during lunch breaks to be actually 20% soil myself. I would love to examine your soil and suggest ways to improve it (an opportunity for me to sing the praises of compost heaps and leaf mould!)